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In my 3 decades at Walt Disney World I learned a simple truth. Great leaders are passionate in their pursuits, inspirational in their methods, and understand the necessity for teamwork. While a few great leaders are born, most have worked hard to develop their leadership skills.

Its clear that developing effective Leader skills is an obvious requirement. Sadly, most training and development programs are flat out boring and tedious. No one engages with boring and tedious. Its the fastest way to kill energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. This thinking is outdated and will not inspire the transformation needed to motivate the next emerging leader.


“…..Laughter is no enemy to Learning”

– Walt Disney

Why Discovery Learning is KEY!

Starting the journey towards Leadership is challenging.

Step 1 – unlock needed skills

Step 2 – create a strategy for building better teams.

The Key to this is three things:

  • Understanding your own leadership style
  • Accepting that the responsability of a leader is to help others reach their own goal of a better future,
  • Developing the skills that will help them reach it

Together we can do something about it.

My mission is to share the powerful knowledge and skills learned in my 30 years with The Disney Company as a corporate trainer and educator, but, to deliver them with a level of engagment that can only be attained using the skills I have developed durring my lifetime as a professional magician.

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Leading Change, Changing Leaders

Before you can show leadership you must CHOOSE to behave and act like a Leader

We must inspire the next set of leaders and give them the skills and tools that make it possible for them to shape their story and unlock their potential.



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…. Together Everyone Achieves Magic

Emerging Leader Training is the keys you need to successfully launch your leadership journey.

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