Leading Change by Changing Leaders

I work to empower emerging leaders who are ready to take that next step by giving them the tools and knowledge that they need to build a more successful future.

Developing effective Leader skills is an obvious requirement. Sadly, most training programs for developing emerging leaders are flat out boring and tedious. No one is going to engage with boring and tedious. Its the fastest way to kill energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. This kind of  thinking is outdated and will not motivate the transformation needed to inspire an emerging leader.

Walt said it best

“…..Laughter is no enemy to Learning”

– Walt Disney

Why Discovery Learning is KEY!

Starting the journey towards Leadership is challenging.

In my career, spanning 3 decades at Walt Disney World, I learned first hand a simple truth. Great leaders understand the necessity for teamwork, are passionate in their pursuits, and inspirational in their methods. Sure, a few great leaders are born, but most worked hard to develop their leadership skills.

In my 30 years with The Disney Company as a corporate trainer and educator I have seen these skills used to transform individuals and organizations. 

So what exactly should an Emerging Leader Training be able to do?

Step 1 – unlock needed skills

Step 2 – create a strategy for building better teams

Step 3 – outline a method for fostering a creative culture 

but to achieve this a leader must discover three things:

  • A clearer understanding of their leadership style and how to apply it
  • Embrace the idea that the ultimate responsibility of a leader is to help others reach their own goals of a better future
  • Develop the skills that will help them reach it

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…. Together Everyone Achieves Magic

Unlike other presenters in this field who deliver programs that are as dry as dust, I found a way to infuse these lessons with fun and establish a level of engagement that can only be attained by employing the skills that I have developed during my lifetime as a professional magician.

I specifically designed these workshops not only to inspire the next set of leaders, but to also teach real world skills and tools, and make it possible for them to shape their future and unlock their potential.

These Emerging Leader Training workshops contain the keys to start a leadership journey.

I am eager to welcome you to this community.

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Together Everyone Creates Magic