Education Does NOT Have to be BORING!

In my 3 decades at Walt Disney World I learned a simple truth. Great leaders are passionate in their pursuits, inspirational in their methods, and understand the necessity for teamwork. While a few great leaders are born, most have worked hard to develop their leadership skills. 

Its clear that developing effective Leader skills is an obvious requirement. So why are most training and development programs boring and tedious? No one engages with boring and tedious. Everyone knows that its the fastest way to kill energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. This thinking is outdated and will not inspire the transformation needed to motivate an emerging leader.

“…..Laughter is no enemy to Learning”

– Walt Disney

Discover Learning is KEY!

I decided to do something about it.

I have combined the lessons and the knowledge learned in my 30 years with The Disney Company as a corporate trainer and educator with my lifetime as a professional magician. My mission is to deliver impactful workshops and seminars but inject them with energy, fun, and engagement.

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Leading Change, Changing Leaders

We can empower the next set of leaders by giving them the skills and tools that make it possible for them to shape their story and unlock their potential.

Our educational system is very good at developing technical skills but to often there is no instructional time allotted to cover what are commonly called the Soft Skills.

Todays emerging leaders are left to learn the soft skills on their own through painful trail and error.

I created my Emerging Leader Training to be a better resource purposely designed to provide everyone with the keys needed to unlock solutions and shape their future.

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If you, yourself, are just starting your leadership journey where you are right now is a very challenging place.

You now realize that you only have two good choices: be average or choose to be exceptional. Average feels safe, but it’s not. It’s invisible.

Each of us has it inside of ourselves to unlock our leader skills and create a strategy for building better teams. In fact I believe that no one can do it better than you.

In todays world it has never been easier to access knowledge, and that’s the great news, but because it’s never been easier it’s never been harder to get people to care. Which is why what you do is even more important than what you say. Everything that you do in your life communicates  what you stand for.
And the greatest organizations in the world understand that it’s no longer about how smart you are, or where you started, but rather it is about how you work with others and help them connect the dots.

Key to this is three things: Understanding your own style, knowing that you can help others reach their own goal of a better future, and building the bridge to help them achieve it.

…. Together Everyone Achieves Magic

Emerging Leader Training is the keys you need to successfully launch your leadership journey.

I am excited to welcome you to our community. Please click the Contact link and lets start a conversation. I look forward learning about you and the emerging leaders that you work with. Lets discuss which of my development seminars is right choice for you.

Together Everyone Creates Magic
James Songster Emerging Leader Training

Imagine what it could mean to the development of your future and the future of your team if you left your next Leader Training, not just with improved ideas and new ways of thinking, but also with an empowering sense of discovery?

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