What is your Training Challenge?



We have had some really good dynamic speakers over the last 5 years, but I can not, in my opinion, think of anyone who has been more impactful than you!

Joseph Smith

Clerk of the Court, St Lucy County FL

“James is a great facilitator. In addition to being knowledgeable, he challenges you to think outside your comfort zone and also actively listens to what you say. Hard to find a better combination”

Leah Rosch - Disney Education

Senior Facilitator, Retired

Wow, It’s not just that you have an unusual hook (MAGIC) that can captivate an audience unlike other trainers, or that you have a lifetime of experiences that you present as miniature “case studies”, it’s that students and colleagues remember your lessons years later and are moved to share what they, themselves, have learned. Your training has the ability to empower your participants and instill a passion and curiosity to want to learn more. By providing lessons in bite-sized chunks that are more digestible to today’s students and busy professionals, your Emerging Leader Training is exactly what they are missing in their existing classes, programs and majors. They are gaining skills and training that I believe they would not seek out on their own. But, beyond that, you are also providing training for my peers (faculty and staff) that, I believe, they are missing in the minimal amount of professional development they have previously received.

This has not only increased the short-term morale of your audience and participants, you have improved the reputation of our program, department, college and university.

Mark Budnik, Ph.D.

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Valparaiso University

“My colleague Bronwen and I enjoyed the training so much; we still talk about this day around the office all the time!

For me, this training really taught me how to come into my own as a leader and a team member. I just graduated from college last year and was blessed to land at the Adult Literacy League during such a tumultuous time. I’m used to being a worker bee, not a queen bee, and I like it that way! But, now, I know how each of our staff members leads in different ways (e.g. Visionary, Servant, Conductor, Entrepreneur) and how I can use my talents to do better for our organization and our students.

For that, I thank you!”

Peyton Whittington

- Community Engagement Specialist, Adult Literacy League

This is a unique and insightful leadership course that not only teaches individuals how to be a successful leader, but also teaches individuals how to value and accentuate the inner leader in those around them.

Personally, this leadership training has allowed me to see the potential in myself. I feel more equipped to help others around me find their passion and highlight the skills they’ve been given. Along with the inner growth, I have also been able to better mentor and guide those around me to replicate healthy leadership skills and provide younger peers with the guidance to run effective organizations.

For the participants who have completed the program, I have seen them undergo confidence revivals. These students previously doubted their ability to make change or be aggressive without being overwhelming in their organizations. They have done things they never thought they could and continue to take on new challenges. James’ Emerging Leader Training program not only enables them to make clear action plans as to what they want to do, but also gives them the skills to adapt when life doesn’t go as planned.

Olivia Lovin

office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, University of North Florida

“Dear James, Thank you so much for spending time with us on our trip. We loved the energy you brought to our programs and appreciated your pushing us to new ways of thinking. Keep inspiring and educating others! We loved having you as an honorary Nittany Lion, Thanks Again”

Jim Sellmer, Ph.D.

Department of Plant Science, PENN STATE

“James does what the best facilitators do: He builds quick relationships. My groups, that only have been with him for three or four hours, feel like they know him within 30 minutes. Getting participants to understand and apply material is about connecting with them; James does that flawlessly.”

David Zanolla

Senior Associate Faculty/Public Speaking Coordinator, Western Illinois University

“James created an amazing personalized experiences for 5 central Florida non profits in one day. He Entertained, Educated and Encouraged (the 3 new E’s) us to network and think outside the box. James, Thank you for sharing your talents with us. You are always there for us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Meagan Gallagher, M.B.A.

Executive Director, Just In Queso - Tijuana Flats Foundation

James’ Emerging Leader Training offers leadership development seminars with a unique twist.  He utilizes his own magical experiences at Disney and skills as a magician to create engaging sessions for participants.  HIs personality brings participants in and holds them.  Because his leadership lessons are presented in “easy to digest” nuggets our students take away meaningful leadership tools that they can utilize, not just during their time in college, but also beyond.

James, you inspire people to be better leaders and I know you do that for me personally. I have watched and heard our students refer to things they learned directly from your sessions. You love what you do and you love how you affect others.  It’s what I want to be doing on a regularly basis.

Ahmed Samaha - NACA

Former Chair Board of Directors

As both a student, and now as a staff member, I have seen the people you have worked with take what they have learned, or were challenged in, and grow from it or even redo their life plan and take the big leap to pursue a different passion. As a student you helped me think outside of the box I was in and see other ways to look at situations and different ways to think about things.  As a staff member, I have seen our students have light bulb moments during your Emerging Leader Training. We are not just given the tools that enable us to grow, but you are challenging us to question why we do things, and then enabled us to fix what we are struggling with. By participating in the program as a staff member, I have a similar experience as the students, and this has given me the ability to have conversations and uncover ways to help students grow. You do great work James and it is a privilege to call you a friend.

Christian Medders

Associate Director of Student Life, UofSC at Aiken