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I won’t lie. I get a huge burst of encourgagment when I see others applying the techniques and tools that I have shared in my Emerging Leader Training workshops. While I know that there is no substitute for the actual feeling of being in the room during a workshop I hope that this video will provide you with a small taste. I am eager to know how you apply the ideas in this video.

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The good news is: It doesn’t end with this video. I am always looking for additional ways to provide assistance, resources, and help for those who are in the process of developing thier leader skills and improving thier connections with those they want to serve. To keep up to date, and to learn where I am presenting workshops, I encourage you to connect via my LinkedIn Page and/or Facebook Posts. Links are at the bottom of this page.

And, of course, If you or your oganization are looking for engaging and discovery leaning based programing I welcome the opportunity to hear your own training challenges. Let’s chat and see if one of my workshops is right for your group.

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