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To Reach your Goal – M.O.V.E.

There is only one way to reach your goal – M.O.V.E.


On the 1st page of a post-it pad write the letter M

On the 2nd sheet write the letter O

On the 3rd sheet write the letter V

On the 4th sheet write the letter E

On the 5th final sheet write the word GOAL


Arrange these 5 sheets on the desk in front of you so that they create a path that spells the word M O V E and then place the final sheet with the word GOAL at the end on the far right. You will also need your Round TUIT or some other token.

Whatever your marker or token is, place the token on the word GOAL . . . . .

When I say MOVE, you are going to move the token to it’s immediate right or left. Because we already know that the token is on the word Goal, which is to the far right, you will only have one choice: to move it to the card on it’s left. So, before we begin let’s move the token one spot to its’ left now. That way the first move will be totally your choice. Ok?

Let’s get started. Move your token either one space to it’s right or to it’s left!

Move your token a 2nd time!  Again you want to move the token one position either to its right or to its left

Move a 3rd time!

For the 4thtime, move.

Let’s stop for a moment. I would like you to concentrate on the position of where the token is located. I am also trying to focus on where the token is. Because I am not getting any vibrations from the card on the far left so go ahead and pick it up. This is the card that has the letter “M”. M is for Motivation. If you want to reach a goal, you must have sufficient MOTIVATION. Take a moment to think about that. How motivated are you to reach your goal? Without this critical element the likelihood of you reaching your goal is almost nonexistent. What will you do when the first obstacle or challenge gets in your way? If you are not motivated, you will probably veer off of your target and either abandon your goal or simply settle for all most. What is something about your motivation that you need to work on so that you will have the drive and focus to stay the course? You are far more likely to achieve your goals the more motivated you are. Set this card with the letter “M” on it aside and lets continue.

Now, move your token once again either to its right or it’s left. Interestingly, I am still getting the impression that your token is not on the card on the far left. Pick that card up. This is the card with “O” written on it. In the word Move, O is for Opportunity. This is so important as you attempt to move toward your goal. Are you seeking out the opportunities to move along the path in the direction of your goal? If you have not been given the opportunity, what action do you need to take, whom do you need to network with, what are you going to do to create your own opportunity? And when that opportunity presents itself do you have the courage to take it? Now set this card aside with the 1st card that has the letter M.

You have 3 cards remaining on your goal path. Move again. Before we go on, let’s think back. At the start of all this you have had multiple choices as to where to move. I am getting the impression that your choices still are moving you on the correct path to your Goal. But your token is not sitting on the card with the letter “V” so pick that card up. This word is Vision! Do you have a clear vision of your goal? Is the vision of it so clear that you can communicate that vision with others? If the answer to that question is no, what do you need to do so that the vision of your goal is attainable? If you cannot clearly see it, no one else can either. How will you reach a goal when you can not communicate the vision? You must answer that question. Set this card aside with the others and let’s continue.

So far, you have asked yourself; do I have sufficient motivation to reach my goal? Have I looked for, or created an opportunity that will lead me towards reaching my goal? Am I able to clearly articulate a Vision for my Goal?

Currently your token is sitting on just one of the two cards remaining, yes? Visualize what it would feel like to achieve your goal. While you are feeling that emotion move your token one final step. I now know that our token is not on the card with the “E” written on it. On the path to your reaching your goal E is for Execution. Just as you have been moving your token along the path, you must also be honest with yourself and ask; am I holding myself accountable for Executing the tasks and taking the actions that I need to accomplish for me to reach my goal? You will never reach a desired goal if you do not Execute a detailed plan for each step of the journey. Place that card with the others that you have set aside.

Your token has ended on the final card that is on the table in front of you. Each M.O.V.E. that you have made has led you here; the final card that says GOAL.

If you want to reach your goal you have to M.O.V.E.

  • am I motivated?
  • have I identified the available opportunity?
  • do I have a clear vision?
  • am I executing a plan to reach it?

Just as we have done here, you can reach a goal if you know the answers to these questions

To watch watch this as an interactive video – CLICK HERE



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